Everything your Lab needs in one Platform.

From Sample Management to Advanced Data Analysis, 1LIMS is your Key to Lab Efficiency.

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1. 1LIMS Platform: The Digital Laboratory

Maximize your lab productivity and accuracy with the advanced customizable features of 1LIMS.

Keep the overview - anytime, anywhere.

With 1LIMS order management, you have an overview of all lab orders at all times, can set priorities, and seamlessly control the entire process.

Maximum control of your samples.

Our sample management tool ensures that every sample is correctly collected, stored, and analyzed – for maximum quality and minimization of errors.

Manage all analyses in one place - clearly and simply.

With our analysis management, you can ensure that every analysis is carried out under optimal conditions – for accurate and consistent results.

Automated Labeling and Reporting

Use automatically generated sample labels or customized analysis reports which simplifies the creation and traceability.

2. Master data management: The heart of your laboratory.

Central, structured, and efficient management of your core information, from Contacts to Test Plans.

Your key to effective contact management.

Organize all relevant contacts, from suppliers to customers, in one central place to facilitate information exchange and collaboration.

Keep track of all Articles.

Use our platform to ensure that every article is correctly categorized and easily accessible, significantly speeding up your workflow.

Control every single Parameter.

Track each parameter in the library, store method (SOP), calculations, and unit. saving you time and optimizing your routine and experiments.

Dynamic Test Plan Management.

Plan, modify, and monitor your Test Plans with customizable intervals to best suit your lab’s needs.

3. Dynamic Data visualization in real-time.

Our dynamic and configurable dashboard gives you the flexibility and level of detail you need for effective data analysis. Enable your team to make better decisions based on accurate and tailored data visualizations.

Use Advanced Analytics to look beyond the edge of your Lab Data.

Move beyond traditional analytical methods and discover deeper insights that shape your lab operations.

4. Interface management made easy.

Eliminate integration barriers with 1LIMS Exchange. As a powerful middle layer, it provides interfaces to lab equipment and service labs, ensures seamless data traffic, and supports your lab in a dynamic environment.

Smooth business processes through seamless integration.

The 1LIMS ERP interface provides a seamless connection between your laboratory management system and your enterprise resource planning system to make business processes efficient.

Effortless integration of your laboratory equipment.

1LIMS offers direct connectivity to a wide range of laboratory instruments, so you can collect and use data from your instruments in real-time.

Service lab connection: Expand your network.

Through the 1LIMS Service Laboratory interface, you can easily and quickly access external laboratory resources and thus flexibly expand your capacities.

5. LabPILOT: Your Lab Assistant in daily lab life.

From Process Design to Automation, LabPILOT gives you the tools to take your lab into the digital age.

Design laboratory processes according to your needs.

Thanks to the LabPILOT Process Designer, you can visualize and optimize your laboratory processes to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.

Smart laboratory automation.

Thanks to LabPILOT’s process automation, you can automate recurring tasks to save time and minimize errors.

Central control of your laboratory instrumentation.

LabPILOT enables simple and elegant connections of devices and robots so that you always have full control over your laboratory processes.

Real-time insights for holistic laboratory decisions.

With the LabPILOT Real-time Dashboard, you always have a close look at all relevant laboratory data. Intuitive visualizations enable quick decisions and optimized processes in real-time.