Data exchange: connecting made easy

Close the gap between isolated data silos. 1LIMS Exchange offers intuitive interfaces for smooth data exchange in real-time.

Connectivity redefined

Our Exchange feature is highly advanced and guarantees seamless integration and trouble-free data flow between your lab equipment, third-party systems, and external service labs. It is an absolute must-have for any lab that values efficiency and accuracy.

Seamless ERP integration with 1LIMS Exchange

Connect your ERP system effortlessly to our platform and ensure end-to-end data consistency and optimisation of your business processes.

Laboratory equipment smoothly integrated

Connect your devices, sensors and machines with 1LIMS and create a powerful, collaborative Lab environment for no data loss and easy data communication.

Simple and secure linking of your Laboratory devices

By integrating 1LIMS into your laboratory, you can rest assured that your processes will become much simpler. Your workflows will be more efficient, and the accuracy of your data will be significantly improved.

Discover your gateway to Service Labor Partners

With 1LIMS you got interfaces to service labs to improve data flows and facilitate collaboration.

Ideally connected with Service Laboratories

Integrate external laboratory service providers into your workflow and increase efficiency and productivity.