Collaboration that transforms labs

Through our strategic collaborations with industry leaders, we set new standards in laboratory integration and automation. Discover synergies that make the difference.

An alliance for progress: Our collaborative partnerships.

Our collaborations provide labs with pathways to outstanding performance by combining advanced technology with industry expertise.

Service Lab Integration: The Next Generation

Our partnerships with service laboratories enable seamless integration from LIMS to LIMS. This guarantees efficient data transfer, optimized workflows, and minimal manual intervention. Benefit from the combination of industry-specific knowledge and technical expertise.

Simplified device integration: just plug in, configure, and go.

The Competence Centre exists to challenge the status quo. We recognize the need to continuously improve and adapt laboratory processes to changing technologies and requirements. It catalyzes innovation and excellence by bringing together the best minds in the industry in a collaborative environment.

Laboratory automation: progress with a system.

In collaboration with industry leaders in robotics and automation, we are developing a Laboratory Execution System (LES) that designs, executes, and manages laboratory processes. This enables complete integration of equipment and systems, so you can focus on what matters most: Innovation.

Seamlessly networked with zenLAB and therefore with the entire laboratory infrastructure.

With the implementation of Infoteam’s zenLAB service middle-layer, the interaction between your laboratory systems becomes seamless. Discover efficient and coherent data transfer like never before.