Analysis before Digitalization. Your Key to Sustainable Digitalisation.

Transform your lab into a high-performance environment. Start the revolution with the LabCHECK workshops.

Deep analysis of your laboratory: discover the hidden.

A clear overview of current processes and structures sets the tone for future improvements.

Lab Insights: Decoding the heart of your operation.

The content of the LabCHECK Analysis Workshop dives deep into your existing lab procedures, data management practices, and connectivity and communication. With a precise eye, we identify areas of strength and weakness, lay the foundation for future improvement actions.

Hands-on and face-to-face: our approach in the analysis workshop.

Our approach in the Analysis Workshop is collaborative and interactive. With expert interviews, detailed research and group discussions, we work hand in hand with you to get a clear and comprehensive overview of your laboratory landscape.

Future-proof results that show the way.

At the end of the analysis workshop, you will receive a comprehensive report highlighting both the current status and the optimization potential of your laboratory. This detailed outlook provides a clear basis for strategic decisions and future investments.

The added value that counts: Looking beyond the horizon.

The added value of the LabCHECK Analysis Workshop lies not only in the insight it provides but also in the strategic direction it gives your laboratory. By identifying potential for optimization, you not only get the opportunity to improve processes but also to save costs and increase efficiency.

Optimization Key: From Analysis to Action.

In the LabCHECK Optimization Workshop, we focus on addressing the identified weaknesses and potentials from the previous analysis phase. Together with you, we develop customized strategies and solutions to maximize the performance and efficiency of your laboratory.

The heart of lab improvement: where ideas become reality.

In-depth actions based on solid analytical results.Individualized solutions that adapt to the uniqueness of your laboratory. A journey from identifying weaknesses to implementing improvements.

Praxis-oriented perfection: solutions that really fit.

Through a collaborative approach, we develop optimization strategies together with you. Through workshops, interactive sessions, and the use of state-of-the-art tools, together we design change plans that work in the real lab environment.

From Workshop to Reality: with clearly defined steps.

Upon completion of the optimization workshop, you will receive a detailed action plan. This will contain clearly defined steps, timelines, and resources to ensure that the identified optimization opportunities can be successfully implemented.

Values that last: Sustainable Laboratory improvements.

The LabCHECK Optimisation Workshop offers more than solutions; it offers transformation. Through our joint work, you can not only realize efficiency gains and cost savings but also establish a culture of continuous improvement in your laboratory.

Before LabPILOT: Getting Ready for full Automation.

In the LabPILOT preparation workshop, we focus on the central prerequisites and requirements necessary for a successful implementation of our Lab Execution System (LES).

Well planned, half done: Strategic preparation for the LabPILOT.

Through collaborative discussions, scenario planning, and technical reviews, we ensure that all stakeholders are well-prepared for the LabPILOT implementation. We create a common understanding and equip you with the necessary resources and knowledge.

Clear vision, clear results: Your LabPILOT launch plan.

At the end of the workshop, you will receive a detailed implementation plan for LabPILOT that shows clear milestones, timelines, and resources. This plan will ensure that the implementation runs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Set yourself up for success: LabPILOT's transformative power.

Through careful preparation, you minimize risks and potential obstacles when implementing LabPILOT. The workshop ensures that you are not only technically, but also organisationally and culturally well prepared for the transition, saving time and resources.