The Future of Your Lab starts Here.

Our tailored services help you take your lab to the next level. With our rapid reviews, intensive workshops, and digitization consultations, we deliver tailored solutions that sustainably increase your lab’s efficiency, productivity, and reliability.

Successful companies that have already taken advantage of our workshops:

1. Quick assessment for an initial evaluation of your current Laboratory Fitness.

The quick LabCHECK is not just a review; it is your gateway to an optimized laboratory environment. This service is specifically designed to provide labs with an immediate but in-depth assessment of their current operations and structures.

quick LabCHECK - Test the Fitness of your Lab now.

The Quick LabCHECK is your instant assessment and diagnosis of the current state of your laboratory. This service is aimed at laboratories that need a quick assessment of their processes and structures.

Quick Assessment with a focus on processes, data management, and connectivity.

From sampling to reporting, we evaluate how efficient and modern your current processes are and identify areas where delays or inefficiencies could occur. We analyze how data is collected, stored, analyzed, and shared. We analyze how well your lab is able to pass information between departments, devices, and even external entities.

In a fast-paced world where technological advancement and efficiency are critical, every laboratory needs to ensure that it remains competitive. The Quick LabCHECK serves as a mirror for your lab, not only showing you your current strengths but also identifying potential weaknesses. So you can make informed decisions about what steps are needed next to put you at the forefront of your industry.

The Quick LabCHECK is based on a detailed and structured questionnaire specifically designed to take the pulse of your laboratory in the most important areas: Processes, Data and Connectivity. Once completed, you will receive a comprehensive report that provides a clear and concise overview of your laboratory’s current operations and highlights areas that could benefit from improvement.

2. Analysis before Digitalization. Your Key to Sustainable Digitalisation.

With a deep understanding of the uniqueness of each lab, 1LIMS takes a systematic approach to digitalization and automation. It all starts with an in-depth analysis to identify your lab’s core needs and challenges. Driven by these insights, we develop and implement solutions that are not only innovative but also provide sustainable added value. And our commitment doesn’t end at implementation – our care and support team is with you every step of the way.

LabCHECK Workshops Deep insights and evaluation of the current state.

Our Analysis and Optimisation Workshops provide an in-depth review of your laboratory practices. Tailored to your individual requirements and goals, our experts analyze the workflow, instrumentation, data processing, and other critical aspects of your laboratory. Through a combination of observation, discussion, and analysis, specific bottlenecks and challenges are identified.

Optimize Workshop Streamline before Digitalization.

In the world of laboratories, stagnation means going backward. Immerse yourself in a new dimension of laboratory efficiency with the LabCHECK optimization workshop. Our experts take a close look at your lab to unleash hidden potential and refine processes.

LabCHECK Readiness for the LabPILOT launch.

Dive into the age of digital lab automation. Preparing for the rollout of LabPILOT – your upcoming Lab Execution System – is a crucial step in your digital lab transformation. With the LabCHECK preparation program, you ensure that this transition is seamless and value-adding.

3. Competence Centre. The Hub of Expertise.

Our Competence Centre is a gathering of selected industry experts and specialists who provide us with an additional layer of domain know-how and experience. The Competence Centre allows us to benefit from the latest industry trends, technologies, and best practices and to incorporate these directly into our clients’ projects.

What is our Competence Center about?

Our Competence Centre is a conglomerate of expertise and experience – bringing together experts from different industries to provide your lab with the best possible advice and support.

Why a Competence Centre?

With access to a wide range of experts from different fields, we ensure a multidimensional approach to optimize each project. Whether pharmaceutical, food technology, or human diagnostics, our experts bring valuable experience and deep industry knowledge to meet your specific needs.

What does the Competence Center do?

The Competence Centre offers a decisive competitive advantage through its comprehensive expertise and the ability to develop individual solutions for specific challenges. By integrating the Competence Centre into customer projects, laboratory processes can be made more efficient, innovations fostered and productivity increased.

Be a part of our Competence Centre

The heart of our organization, the Competence Centre, is not just a collection of experts, but a dynamic network of leading laboratory professionals. Your know-how could be exactly what we are looking for.

4. Partnerships and Cooperation. Because together we will get further!

In an increasingly complex laboratory world, we rely on strong collaborations and partnerships to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Discover our collaborations and innovative projects in the different laboratory areas.

Service Lab Integration. A direct connection to your favorite Service Laboratories.

Through our partnerships with leading service laboratories, we create seamless interfaces that optimize data flow and increase process efficiency.

Lab Instrument Manufacturers. Partnering with leading manufacturers for easy device integration.

In close cooperation with the top manufacturers of laboratory equipment, we provide plug-and-play integrations so that laboratories benefit from immediate operational readiness and maximum equipment compatibility.

Lab operations are redefined through simple process automation.

Together with top companies in robotics and automation, we built the leading Lab Execution System. These system design, execute and manage processes, minimizing human error and maximizing overall efficiency.