The Hub of Lab Expertise.

Our cluster brings together leading industry experts and provides a dynamic network for in-depth expertise and innovative solutions. Join us and experience world-class laboratory practice.

Sharing knowledge, creating synergies.

Connect with experts and visionaries to realize the full potential of your lab. Innovation meets experience.

Discover the heart of our innovative laboratory movement where expertise meets forward-looking ideas.

The Competence Centre is an exclusive platform that brings together leading industry experts, technologists, and laboratory visionaries. Here, comprehensive knowledge, innovative techniques, and future-oriented solutions come together to shape the laboratory landscape of tomorrow.

Our 'Why': For a better tomorrow in the lab.

The Competence Centre exists to challenge the status quo. We recognize the need to continuously improve and adapt laboratory processes to changing technologies and requirements. It catalyzes innovation and excellence by bringing together the best minds in the industry in a collaborative environment.

The Competence Centre in Action.

The Competence Centre is active in the research, development, and implementation of new laboratory solutions. With a team of industry leaders and experts, it continually pushes the boundaries of what is possible in laboratory environments. It is also a place for learning, sharing, and collaboration.

Your place at the centre of lab innovation.

Membership of the Competence Centre provides access to an exclusive network of experts, resources and training opportunities. With strict admission criteria, we ensure the quality and relevance of discussions and developments. Become a member and take part in the frontline of laboratory innovation.