The centrepiece of modern laboratories.

Experience seamless management and optimized processes with 1LIMS.

Every Lab-Order and Quality-Job under control.

Our intuitive order management system allows you to track, organize and prioritize orders so you can stay on top of things.

Efficient and seamless order handling.

With our order management, you optimize every step of your lab order process, save time and increase your customer satisfaction.

More than just sample management.

Keep track of your samples, from incoming logistics to analysis. Our sample management ensures efficient and error-free processing.

Keep an eye on every sample

1LIMS sample management automates, monitors and optimises your processes to ensure the maximum quality and safety of your samples.

Advanced analysis management for the future

Efficiently and accurately capture, analyze, and interpret your data like never before.

Reconsidering the collection of analytical data.

Turn your data into useful information and streamline your analytical operations for optimal results.

Generate impactful Reports

Create personalized analysis reports that are precise and simple to comprehend.