quick LabCHECK

Fast assessment for an initial evaluation of workflows, data streams and connectivity of the current Laboratory status.

A look into the future of your lab

A look into the future of your lab

Your laboratory under the magnifying glass.

With the quick LabCHECK, we zoom in quickly and broadly on the essential areas of your laboratory:

Processes: A thorough examination of your key laboratory processes and their efficiency.

Data: How you handle, store, and use data – we bring it to light. Networking: The current state of your laboratory network structures and communication channels.

Our Blueprint: How the quick LabCHECK works.

We start our analysis with a specific questionnaire developed by experts. This gives us an initial insight into your laboratory infrastructure and processes. Our experts evaluate the data and prepare a comprehensive analysis for you to show the current status and potential.

Clear insights: The findings from your quick LabCHECK.

At the end of the quick LabCHECK, we present you with a detailed report. This not only shows the current status of your laboratory but also provides concrete suggestions and directions for modernizations and improvements to make your laboratory processes fit for the future.

More than just analysis: the real value of the quick LabCHECK.

With the quick LabCHECK, you not only gain insights but also tools for optimization. By identifying weaknesses and strengths, you can initiate targeted measures for improved productivity and efficiency. It’s not just about where you are, but also about where you can go.