Powerful Lab Management System for more Automation. Performance. Quality. Results. Time. Control. Insights. Connectivity.

Powerful Lab Management System for more
Automation. Performance. Quality. Results. Time. Control. Insights. Connectivity.

Boost your Laboratory Processes, improve Teamwork, automate Workflows, and achieve your Goals faster with 1LIMS.

Increase throughput by 25% and cut analysis costs by 50%.

1LIMS is the trusted Lab management solution of manufacturing industries and service labs to streamline quality operations and boost the performance of their teams.

The entire Lab, Data, and Team in one place.

Simplify your Lab management with 1LIMS, the all-in-1 solution that combines Order Management, Sample Tracking, and Analysis Data with Master Data Management, Reporting, Advanced Analytics, and the Automation of a user-friendly Platform.

Centralize your data securely in the cloud, streamline your lab workflows, prevent data loss, and speed up your lab processes. 

Sample Management with Analytics - 360° control and fully traceable.

Easily manage samples from start to finish. Ensure compliance, streamline workflows, and realize the full potential of your lab data. Stay on top of things and easily track samples throughout the cycle. Simplify your sample management for maximum efficiency.

Analyses - Data and results in real-time.

All analyses are centralized in one place. View status, results, and validation in real-time and provide instant reports. Approval of analyses has never been easier.

Advanced Analytics - Get the most out of your data.

Unlock valuable insights out of your lab data, identify trends, improve workflows, and upgrade the quality of your results. Make better decisions and boost your lab’s performance.

Your single source of truth for laboratory data and quality.

The proven 1LIMS approach is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Experience a smooth and efficient implementation of 1LIMS, tailored to your specific needs within just 3 to 6 months.

Explore a comprehensive overview of our exclusive onboarding process:

About us

1LIMS streamlines lab workflows to make them more efficient and secure. We provide the best IT tools, equipment, and personnel to help you achieve your goals.

Our priorities are data management, process automation, and team collaboration. Our advanced technologies and personalized solutions make laboratory work easier, safer, and more productive worldwide. We focus on innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction to ensure your happiness with our services.

Why 1LIMS?

The comprehensive laboratory services, analysis, and consulting offered by 1LIMS are second to none. With the aid of our cutting-edge information management system, we strive to provide tailored solutions that optimize data management, automate processes, and facilitate seamless collaboration. Our intuitive dashboards and analytical tools empower lab technicians and managers to make informed decisions with ease and confidence, in real-time.

The right solution for the requirements of your Laboratory.

Take the first step towards successful Lab automation today and get the full experience of seamless efficiency.

Maximise productivity, minimize errors, and improve quality with our advanced solutions and comprehensive support. Experience the future of Laboratory management today.


error minimisation through standardized data management. 


effort saving, through digital and automated processes.


higher throughput with the same workforce.

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